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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived one of the most wise girls of them all. Despite being only thirteen summers young, the wisdom she imparted seemed to belong to the mouth of an old crone. Everyone came to her, to hear her advice. A knight heard of her wisdom, and went to her. When he found her in her home, he kneeled before her, and asked her advice on the adventure he was about to embark on. There was a dragon, and it terrorized his homelands. He wondered if it was worth going after the dragon, whether he would survive, whether it would be worth it.

The girl looked and him, and said, “You Only Live Once.”

This wisdom lives on, even today. Even the modern teens can embrace that ancient piece of advice. Take it for yourself, and carry it around with you on your watch, to remind yourself always.




Genuine leather strap.   Silver tone case.   Crystal Glass.


Stainless steel back.


Supplied in a black slim-line presentation box


Face diameter - 32mm. Watch casing diameter - 38mm. Width - 9mm. Silver tone hands


Quartz movement.   Lithium ion battery.


Water resistance classification - splash proof 



All watches are supplied in a slim-line presentation box and are assembled with great care and craftsmanship. 

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