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I am a firm believer in cleansing your body every once in a while. You have a ton of bacteria and viruses crawling around you all the time, and that’s a bit concerning for me. Of course, everyone knows that alcohol can kill every single living thing on earth, including bacteria. That’s why we can vouch for the powerful effects that downing a couple of bottles of beer has. Tried and true method, trust me.

In all seriousness, there is nothing better than relaxing with a beer (or twelve). Beer is perfect for every occasion, and for every time of the day. Fry some of your morning bacon in some beer. Have a plain glass for lunch. Cook your steak in a sauce of your best beer.

So what I say is celebrate the wonders and powers of wine by wearing it on your watch, so you know exactly when you should take your minutely dose (right about now).




Genuine leather strap.   Silver tone case.   Crystal Glass.

Stainless steel back.

Supplied in a black slim-line presentation box

Face diameter - 32mm. Watch casing diameter - 38mm. Width - 9mm. Silver tone hands

Quartz movement.   

Water resistance classification - splash proof 

All watches are supplied in a slim-line presentation box and are assembled with great care and craftsmanship. 

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