Eat Shoots Leaves Design Watch

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Grammar is a beautiful thing, and can make the difference between dancing with and beating up baby seals. Personally, I always think it’s a good choice to make sure you know how to get the better option.

Eats, Shoots, And Leaves is the name of a popular book that examines the use of commas and how one extra or one missing comma can turn the entire situation fatal very quickly. Of course, to protect yourself from hungry and (blood) thirsty pandas, you should keep on yourself at least a few extra commas or possibly the proper sentence to ensure that they go back to their more calm nature.

This watch can do just that for you. Featuring our favourite murderous panda on the face of the watch, you can always have a small chuckle (and possibly even see what time it is, too!). Get one for yourself, or a friend, and enjoy the wonders of proper grammar together.




Genuine leather strap.   Silver tone case.   Crystal Glass.

Stainless steel back.

Supplied in a black slim-line presentation box

Face diameter - 32mm. Watch casing diameter - 38mm. Width - 9mm. Silver tone hands

Quartz movement.   Lithium ion battery.

Water resistance classification - splash proof 

All watches are supplied in a slim-line presentation box and are assembled with great care and craftsmanship. 

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