Ganja Leaf Design Wristwatch

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Feeling completely relaxed should hardly be a crime. After all, there’s a drug that does the exact opposite and that’s legal! Either way, it doesn’t matter because we’ve got watches for both!

Though obviously, you’re not here for coffee and caffeine, are you? No, what you want is a watch for your special friend, Mary J. A lovely woman, she is, and everyone gets really mellow around her. Maybe its her personality. Maybe it’s because she has a bag full of joints that she gives out liberally. Either way, when you’re just kicking back, enjoying the sunset or nature or the tiled ceiling, you’ll need an easy way to tell exactly how long you’ve spent in that position and whether it’s time to order some pizza or something.

That’s why we’re here! A high quality watch that can give you the time of day whenever you want, and a striking portrait of Mary as she poses for the camera. And she looks good in watches.



Genuine leather strap.   Silver tone case.   Crystal Glass.


Stainless steel back.


Supplied in a black slim-line presentation box


Face diameter - 32mm. Watch casing diameter - 38mm. Width - 9mm. Silver tone hands


Quartz movement.   Lithium ion battery.


Water resistance classification - splash proof 



All watches are supplied in a slim-line presentation box and are assembled with great care and craftsmanship. 

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